Thank you for taking the time to share how COVID-19 has impacted your business

Section 1. Your Information:

First and Last Name
Business Name
SBA Loan Number

Section 2. How Has Your Business Been Affected By COVID-19?

Is Your Business Closed or Operating with Reduced Hours?
If Your Business is Open, is Capacity Restricted?
Have You Had to Layoff Employees and/or Reduce Employees Hours?
How Much Of A Drop in Revenue Have You Experienced?
Has Your Supply Chain Been Impacted?
If Your Company Has Receivables, Have They Been Impacted?

Section 3. Have You Obtained Any Additional Financial Assistance?

Have You Received Funds from a PPP, EIDL, and/or Other Loan? Provide All New Loans and Dollar Amounts.
Do Any of These Loans Have Forgiveness Options? If Yes, How Much Will Be Eligible For Forgiveness.
Has Your Senior Lender (1st Trust Deed Loan) Allowed You To Make Reduced Payments Or Deferred Any Payments and For How Long?

Section 4. Financial Standing, How Are You Doing Right Now and How Healthy Are Your Reserves?

Are Your Property and Personal Taxes Current?
Are You Delinquent on Any of Your Loans or Other Obligations?
How Have The SBA's Six Free Payments Helped You?
Are You Concerned About Having to Resume Your Monthly SBA 504 Loan Payment in October?

Thank you so much for your time