May 2020
Issue 35

Eddyline Kayaks Innovates Business to Help Fight COVID-19

SBA 504 Effective Rates for May 2020

25-year2.76% / 2.76% Refi
20-year2.69% / 2.69% Refi
10-year2.65% / 2.65% Refi

Eddyline Kayaks, a small business client of NWBDA, is a manufacturer of touring kayaks and paddles. Eddyline Kayaks is located in Burlington, WA and is operated independently by its management team. Known for its vacuum bag and thermoform  technology, Eddyline Kayaks creates high quality kayaks and paddles.

Since the outbreak of Coronavirus, Scott Holley, President of Eddyline Kayaks, realized that they needed to adjust their manufacturing capabilities. So they teamed up with Chinook Enterprises and Skagit Rotary and started focusing their resources on creating desperately-needed face shields to provide to those on the front lines, such as health care workers and elderly care facilities. Face shields are made from vinyl sheeting, elastic and foam and are pivotal for fighting COVID-19. The shields protect the wearer’s nose, mouth, and eyes against airborne particles like germs, viruses, and bacteria.

By innovating and collaborating , Eddyline Kayaks, along with Chinook Enterprises, are able to keep their employees working during this economic crisis while providing their community with the much needed equipment.

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SBA Tip: Environmental investigations on Project property on leased land: If a leasehold deed of trust/mortgage is taken to secure the loan, all environmental requirements related to Project property on leased land must be enforced.

America’s SBDCs are working to help small businesses address the challenges of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

They have provided a resource page created by small business experts for free webinars, materials, resources, opportunities and special offers for small businesses to help in this crisis – COVID-19 Partner Resources 

A business resiliency plan is critical to the sustainability and success of a business. America’s SBDC, Grow with Google and the Washington SBDC Network collaborated to provide this Business Resiliency Guide.

There are nearly 1,000 small business development centers (SBDCs) across the country that provide customized and confidential small business advice at no direct cost.

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