November 2023
Newsletter – Issue 73

As a non-profit organization, NWBDA is able to provide grants on an annual basis to other organizations or programs who provide economic or community development in the areas that NWBDA serves. This year, NWBDA was able to give away a grand total of $100,000 to organizations devoted to making an impact.

Project Feast – Kent, WA

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Project Feast’s Mission: At Project Feast, the mission is to transform the lives of refugees and immigrants by providing pathways to sustainable employment in the food industry, and to enrich communities through intercultural exchange.

About Project Feast: Project Feast provides culinary training to low-income immigrants and refugees in the Puget Sound area of WA (mainly South King County). The organization was founded under the premise that immigrants and refugees have valuable experiences and knowledge to contribute to our communities. Since its inception in 2013, close to 200 students have graduated. Apprentices gain hands-on experience working alongside the staff supporting the Project Feast café and catering operations.

They equip students with the necessary skills to work in a commercial kitchen and develop soft skills with support in their job search, resume writing, networking, and mock interviews. Project Feast recognizes the importance for the graduates to be well‐equipped in order to survive and continue to succeed in the culinary field. The organization wants more than job placement for the alumni, they want the graduates on a career path with the ability to obtain leadership positions both in the work place and in their communities.

Grant Funds: The funds will go towards the Culinary Skills Training Program, which currently supports 10-12 low-income refugees and immigrants each year (planning to expand to 15 students next year). This apprenticeship program provides hands-on experience in a commercial kitchen. Participants work alongside staff to prepare meals for our café and catering. Further, the program provides business training, including financial literacy, and business planning. Funding would go towards sustaining and expanding the program.

“We greatly appreciate being selected for a grant and hope that our work will help immigrants and refugees build a strong foundation for their economic success in the U.S. Further, we are proud to build an environment and community that continues to welcome and support immigrants and refugees from all backgroundsVan Nguyen, Executive Director, Project Feast

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​NWBDA is so thankful to be able to give back to our community and help the world around us. We are incredibly grateful to our lenders and borrowers; thanks to their continued patronage, we are able to support others.

NWBDA is delighted to support these unique organizations who are striving to change their communities and make a better place for everyone. We encourage everyone to visit these amazing places and make your own impact.

“Small things done with great love will change the world.”

— Mother Teresa —

Western Washington

Elizabeth Rusnak
(425) 286-6673

Central Washington

Lisa Vincent
(509) 469-5040

Evan Heriot
(541) 228-5015

Western Washington

Mark Beppler
(425) 505-3263

Southwestern Washington/
North Oregon
Jim Bright
(360) 521-5704

October’s Loan Fundings

NWBDA funded 4 new
projects for the total amount
of $17,450,789

October’s Loan Approvals

NWBDA approved 3 new
projects for the total amount
of $9,870,450

In the month of October,
NWBDA helped
create 56 new jobs
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