2018 SBA Small Business

Awards of the Washington Gala

Danny House’s Speech (Condensed)
Dan the Sausageman
Small Business Person of the Year

“Impressive Business and Financial Accomplishments”



“This is my satchel from 30 years ago, I would wear it when I sold door to door, it was a bit like Superman’s cape, it gave me the strength to walk into offices. The no soliciting sign would be the kryptonite. I would enter an office and say, ‘I am Dan the Sausageman’, people would laugh and I would start selling.

The competition for business would be between me, Dan the Sausageman vs Darlene the Sausage Queen, I kid you not. It was a great battle. My route lasted for 19 years until I was able to build up our retail and online sales.

Now, 30 years later, I find myself up here with this award, humbled and honored. With this award, I feel the SBA has given me an opportunity to see how many people are in my corner and care about my business and my journey.

To NWBDA’s Elizabeth Stevens: Thank you. You kept me going and told me you were here to get me this loan. A partner. When I got frustrated, you listened.

In closing, I would like to celebrate and congratulate all of you for being such a large part of what makes this country great and keeping the American Dream alive.”

May 2018
Issue 12


Eastern Washington/
Northern Idaho
Evan Heriot
(509) 904-5169

Central Washington
Lisa Vincent
(509) 469-5040

Western Washington
Elizabeth Rusnak
(425) 286-6673

Elizabeth Stevens

Mark Beppler
(425) 505-3263

Southwestern Washington/
North Oregon
Jim Bight
(360) 521-5704

Mike Miller
(503) 746-1805

SBA 504 Effective Rates for May 2018

25-year – 5.57% / 5.62% Refi
20-year – 5.22% / 5.27% Refi
10-year – 5.30% / 5.36% Refi

Congratulations to Other Washington
Small Business Award Winners

Small Business

Tony Curtis
Current Home Technologies

Small Business

Kelsey, Korrie & Melinda Bourn
Melbourn Insurance Agency

Small Business

Jack Ambrosiani
Cygnus, Inc.

Millennial Entrepreneur

Nathie Katzoff
NK Woodworking & Design


Small Business Exporter

Cameron Fisher & John Duncan
Mobile Semiconductor


Small Business Champion

Mary Marshall
Marshall Advisors, LLC


Encore Entrepreneur

Ross & Trivonna Irwin
Cabinets by Trivonna

(509) 458-8555
(800) 540-1748 (Toll Free)


In the month of
April, NWBDA helped
create 17 new jobs in the
local communities!

April’s Loan

NWBDA approved 4 new projects for the total amount of $7,158,629.00

Did you know?

There are approximately 555,285 Small Businesses in Washington state

April’s Loan

NWBDA funded 6 new
projects for the total amount of $5,709,151.86