November 2018
Issue 18

Animal Aquatic Therapy



SBA 504 Effective Rates for November 2018

For New Loans Approved After After October 1, 2018:
5.37% / 5.42% Refi
20-year5.32% / 5.37% Refi
10-year5.32% / 5.38% Refi

For New Loans Approved Before October 1, 2018:
5.64% / 5.69% Refi
20-year5.59% / 5.64% Refi
10-year5.59% / 5.65% Refi

Springwater Veterinary Services provides veterinary rehabilitation, chiropractic, and integrative medicine services available in and around the Northern Idaho and Eastern Washington areas.  Dr. Porter is the only certified canine rehabilitation and certified equine rehabilitation practitioner in this area.

An SBA loan was needed to fund construction of a new veterinary clinic/rehabilitation facility, including equine and small animal hydrotherapy equipment.

This financing will benefit the business by relocating to a permanent and greatly expanded location to provide more comprehensive services. Before the loan, these services were provided on a mobile basis, which was limiting. The new equipment allows Springwater to begin offering hydrotherapeutic rehab services, which are in high demand but were not currently available within 300 miles of the local

At Springwater, a large portion of the caseload focuses on animal athletes. While most of the patients at Springwater Veterinary Services are horses and dogs, several patients are feline patients also. In addition to keeping athletes in peak performance, extensive rehabilitation services are offered following injury or surgery and assisting geriatric animals to maintain a good quality of life. 


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October’s Loan Fundings

NWBDA funded 5 new
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NWBDA approved 5 new
projects for the total amount of $9,817,400.00

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