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A few months ago, a woman by the name of Jolene came into our store. She was looking to replace a sewing machine. I know lots of people who choose not to sew because they think it is too difficult for them, however, this is not the case for Jolene, and she is 100% blind!

After a couple of hours, we found the machine with an automatic threader, that we felt would be the perfect choice. She was so grateful for this option. With the purchase of a new machine, we offer free sewing lessons. I was able to sit with her and demonstrate how to use her new machine.

I sat down at the machine and closed my eyes. I wanted to experience and try, in a small way, to understand the challenges that someone who was blind would face. To be honest, the first few times, I panicked and had to open my eyes. The exercise did help me understand more clearly the obstacles that she faced and made me more empathetic to her situation. When we were finished with the class, she asked me if I thought she could make a quilt. She could absolutely make a quilt!

A few days later, she showed up with the quilt all pieced. I was so amazed! Most people take months to make a quilt!

At this time, we were doing a competition in the store. We had eight people enter. The quilts were displayed on the store wall for four weeks and people voted on their favorite one. Jolene walked away with the prize of a new sewing machine.

She has taught me that anything is possible if you diligently pursue your dreams and refuse to give up, even if it initially appears to be out of reach.

– Tara Redberg, Owner of Walla Walla Sew & Vac

January 2018
Issue 8


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In the month of
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December’s Loan

NWBDA approved 6 new projects for the total amount of $6,407,312.00

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If all of the small business employees in the U.S. were a company, it would be the 17th most populous in the world. 

December’s Loan

NWBDA funded 7 new
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